Take the Stage Final!

22nd February 2017 / Music

It is under two weeks until the Take the Stage Final and what a contest it has been.

We caught up with Riverbank Studios who organise the event to ask how they feel about this years competition.

What can you tell us about the bands who are taking part in the final of Take the Stage?
We have four great bands again this year, all quite different and mostly from different towns which is nice! We have Misfires from Swindon who are an indie rock 4-piece. They played in last year’s competition and just missed out on the final but this year they’ve come a long way, they’re establishing themselves, doing good things on the local scene and they’ve made it through to the final. Then we have Escapade who are from Bath. They have a kind of indie/alternative rock sound to them and they went through in the 2nd heat. They’re tight musically, have good songs and are definitely ones to watch out for. From the 3rd heat we have Caught By The Bears – again from Bath – they’re a 3 piece with a slightly rockier/grungier vibe to their music. They stepped in late to replace a band who couldn’t make the show and ended up going through to the final! Lastly we have Backwoods, from the Chippenham/Corsham area who were probably the biggest surprise of the whole competition. Their performance in the 4th heat was actually their first ever show and despite being up against some seriously good competition, the judges were massively impressed and they made it through to the final! They are a 3 piece alternative rock band with a bluesy influence.

What can audiences expect from the final?
We have four very good local bands who all have their own unique sound and style. It’s going to be a very close competition. People can expect a good night with really good music and hopefully a good turnout. The final is on a Friday night and last year it was really busy and everyone had a great night – so hopefully more of the same this time!

What do the winners get?
There are four different prizes on offer this year and there won’t necessarily be one outright winner. As Riverbank Studios we are giving away 2 weeks free recording time, Chippfest will be giving a slot to a band on their mainstage Rock in The Park event, Fieldfiew festival are giving one band the opportunity to open their main stage at the festival and finally, The Ocelot will be featuring a band in their magazine. As mentioned, it won’t necessarily all go to one band, each prize will have it’s own ‘representative’ judges who will select the band they feel best deserves their prize.

What has been your favourite moment from this years contest so far?
It’s difficult to pick one particular moment as the whole competition has been a success again, but the fourth and most recent heat really stood out as a success as we had our biggest turnout and probably the closest heat yet in terms of the quality of the bands. It was also nice to see a band surprise everyone in the way Backwoods did.

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