Neeld interview with Martin Kemp

10th January 2018 / Talk

Eastenders actor Martin Kemp will be visiting the Neeld on 26 March for a tell-all interview.

As part of our spring season, we have invited Spandau Ballet bassist and Eastenders actor Martin Kemp to the Neeld on 26 March for a tell-all interview surrounding his ever evolving entertainment career, where the audience can also input questions to the star.

Before the audience get the chance to pose their questions, we asked him some of our own ahead of his show…

You’ve added a lot of strings to your bow with careers in music, acting, presenting and more- do you have a favourite?

No I love them all, they are all my hobbies although I would say directing is up there as it brings together acting, photography, style and music under one roof so that’s cool.

It is well known that you learnt to play bass very quickly before joining Spandau Ballet- did you have any big influences when you were learning?

Not bass players as such but my inspirations were Elvis, Bruce Lee and Marlon Brando… probably the three most charismatic people ever to have lived.

In your show at the Neeld, you will be talking through your extensive career- do you have any stand-out career moments that will get a mention?

Oh so many… from the ups and downs of life to Spandau Ballet, Eastenders and stories on making The Krays movie…. There have been so many highlights… But the nice thing about these shows is that we get to talk about whatever the audience are brave enough to ask me, so get your questions ready and lets have some fun…

Want to be able to listen to Martin discuss his life, or do you want to ask him your own questions? Make sure you attend his event at the Neeld on 26 March– meet and greet tickets have sold out, but standard tickets are still available here.